Prevention and Punishment of Genocide

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Prevention and Punishment of Genocide by Mind Map: Prevention and Punishment of Genocide

1. Introduction

1.1. What is Genocide

1.2. How can Genocide be prevented

1.3. Who will help end Genocide

2. Stakeholder/Interest

2.1. Stakeholders are the elected leaders

2.2. Non-governmental organizations serving victims of such crimes

2.3. Families & Society

3. Review of Research and Policy Effectiveness

3.1. Why is genocide a problem and how can it end?

3.2. If we change the policy of genocide who will benefit and how?

3.3. When the United States has involved themselves did genocide end?

4. Recommendations

4.1. The United States must help in order to end genocide

4.2. Those who commit genocide must receive punishment as such

4.3. Acts of genocide must not be taken lightly this is not a slap on the wrist crime

5. Conclusions

5.1. If more policy definition and improvement is put into place, we will have clarity of the policy

5.2. If the United States was more involved Genocide would end

5.3. Genocide will end if the policy is changed and stakeholders feel safe in their country