Meg's Mythology

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Meg's Mythology by Mind Map: Meg's Mythology

1. Home

1.1. Nav, what it contains, intro

1.1.1. Digital logo

2. Contact

2.1. How to reach me

2.1.1. Social Media, outside page/insta

3. Reference

3.1. References

3.1.1. Embedded links

4. About

4.1. what's it about, why it exists

4.1.1. Graphic Design

5. Greek

5.1. Three Greek stories, Persephone and Hades, Medusa, and Hermes and the cattle

5.1.1. Digital Story

6. Norse

6.1. Three Norse stories, the wedding, Sif's hair, Ragnarok

6.1.1. Poll, less or more norse

7. Celtic

7.1. Three Celtic stories

7.1.1. Image

8. Egyptian

8.1. Three Egyptian stories,

8.1.1. Embedded link to video, crash course