sustainable life by Angela Ploughe

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sustainable life by Angela Ploughe by Mind Map: sustainable life by Angela Ploughe

1. products

1.1. this tab will discuss what companies offer sustainable products for consumption, particularly online stores

1.1.1. local business (Arizona-based)

1.1.2. contributing big business

2. practices

2.1. this tab will include different practices of how to live and engage sustainably

2.1.1. online presence

2.1.2. at home

2.1.3. in public

3. home

3.1. this tab will welcome users, show my name in the title, and give a short description of Sustainable Life

3.1.1. logo created for the brand

3.1.2. tagline: "living sustainably made easy"

4. contact

4.1. this tab will give my basic contact information to allow discussion between users and myself

4.1.1. additional blogs/sites like mine

4.1.2. suggestions

5. reference

5.1. this tab will include all sources referenced in the site

5.1.1. photo references

5.1.2. site references

6. about

6.1. this tab will discuss some of my journey with sustainability in college & give a description of myself

6.1.1. strategic planning map: shows the process of creating the website

7. tagline: living sustainably made easy

7.1. this tagline will be included in the home page!