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Student Agency by Mind Map: Student Agency

1. Elementary School

1.1. Emerging

1.1.1. Often hesitates with own learning

1.1.2. Typically struggles to stay focused

1.1.3. Hesitant to practice skills

1.2. Advanced

1.2.1. Actively works to improve skills through practice and effort

1.2.2. Uses strategies and steps to get work done

1.2.3. With encouragement, begins to take risks in learning and work through challenges

2. Middle School

2.1. Emerging

2.1.1. Can't identify personal barriors that prevent taking risks, or academic strengths

2.1.2. Can't connect effort/practice with improved skills

2.1.3. Struggles to build relationships

2.1.4. Rejects/ignores feedback

2.2. Advanced

2.2.1. Understands increased effort and practice improves quality of work and learning

2.2.2. Uses academic strengths to build confidence to get through challenges

2.2.3. Actively seeks feedback to improve

3. High School

3.1. Emerging

3.1.1. Rarely takes academic challenges and risks to pursue learning.

3.1.2. Struggles to build academic confidence by identifying their strengths and successes

3.1.3. Requires significant support to find personal relevance in their work

3.2. Advanced

3.2.1. Can independently seek academic challenges and takes risks

3.2.2. Can reflect on personal or academic growth

3.2.3. Consistently confident that success is possible using their academic strengths

4. Developing a growth mindset

5. Taking ownership over one's own learning