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Ashley Mitchell Nutrition by Mind Map: Ashley Mitchell Nutrition

1. Home Page

1.1. The home page will consist of a call to action to my recipes page along with a brief summary of what a healthy lifestyle means to me and a link to the "healthy lifestyle" page.

1.1.1. CTA Button, Link to "Healthy Lifestyle" Page, Newsletter Form

2. Contact Page

2.1. The "Contact Page" will display all of my contact information including: email address, social media links, and a comment box for all guest.

2.1.1. Email Link, Contact Container

3. About Page

3.1. The "About Page" will offer a brief summary about myself and what inspired me to live a healthy lifestyle.

3.1.1. Short Bio, My Story

4. Recipes

4.1. The "Recipes" page will consist of a number of recipes that others can implement into their everyday eating.

4.1.1. Breakfast, Post Workout, Lunch, Dinner, Health Snacks

5. Healthy Lifestyle

5.1. The "Healthy Lifestyle"page consist of what exactly it means to live a healthy lifestyle in my eyes and few tips others can incorporate into their everyday lives.

5.1.1. Healthy and Wellness Blog, Fitness Tips, Diet/Nutrition Tips