Human Resources

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Human Resources by Mind Map: Human Resources

1. HR Activities and Managers

1.1. Organizing Extra Activities for the Business

1.1.1. Team building activities between the employer and employee

1.1.2. finding ways to incorporate a fun enviornment

1.2. Employee Training

1.2.1. Orientations for New Hires Organizing plans and effective leadership Addressing matters that may seem common

1.2.2. External Requirements Breakdown and description of duties Credible checks

1.2.3. Learning Methods On the job training Effective Monitoring Cross Trainings

2. Employee Relations

2.1. Manager of HR

2.1.1. should always be available for advice and assistance

2.2. Employee Participation and Input

2.2.1. Should be valued and promoted

2.3. People-Centered Manager

2.3.1. generally people primarily control the process so these people should be the focus of the manager

3. Position Descriptions

3.1. Identifying Information

3.1.1. Position Title

3.1.2. Department Location

3.1.3. Most recent date on which the content of position description was verified

3.1.4. Title of the supervisor (shows how the position fits within a larger organization)

3.2. Job Summary

3.2.1. purpose

3.2.2. Nature

3.2.3. extent of the tasks performed by the person in the position

3.3. Principle Duties Performed

3.3.1. Broken down into 5-8 tasks or functions of the position

3.3.2. A brief description of how each task is performed

3.3.3. Organized and clear job information

4. Continuing to Guide Employees

5. Continuing to Educate Employees

6. Open and Available Managers

7. Hiring and Firing Employees

7.1. Effective Interviews