Stop the Stigma

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Stop the Stigma by Mind Map: Stop the Stigma

1. About

1.1. The About Page is going to describe why I decided to start this movement and how it pertains to me. It will show that I really am passionate about this topic and the people struggling.

1.1.1. Digital Photo Editing

1.1.2. Digital Story Video

1.1.3. Cover Letter and Resume

2. Contact Info

2.1. The Contact page will have basic contact information for Stop the Stigma so if others want to help, they can reach out and find out how.

2.1.1. Social Media

3. Stories

3.1. The Stories page will have stories from different people that have committed suicide or have overcome their struggles.

3.1.1. Google Products Research and Presentation

3.2. Statistics

3.2.1. The statistics page will be a page that has statistics surrounding the suicide rates in men, women, LGBTQ community, teens/children, etc Infographic Screenshot

4. Home

4.1. The Home page is just going to talk about what the "Stop the Stigma" movement is all about.

4.1.1. Digital Logo

4.1.2. Animation

5. Resources

5.1. This page will include all of the resources I used while doing the research for each of the other pages

5.1.1. Graphic Design and QR code

5.1.2. Screencat Presentation

5.1.3. Emerging Technologies Blog

6. How to Get Help

6.1. Hotlines

6.1.1. The Hotline portion of this page will have a life of all the different types of suicide/crisis hotlines so people don't feel so alone and silenced through there are struggles. Professional Web 2.0 Resources Google Form

6.2. Self Help

6.2.1. The Self Help portion of this page will be about ways to cope with people's struggles without reaching out to a hotline or a loved one, as they may not be ready. App Prototype