Mathematics Formative Assessment

Mathematics Formative Assessment: Learning and Performing

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Mathematics Formative Assessment by Mind Map: Mathematics Formative Assessment

1. Learning

1.1. Instructional Support

1.1.1. support learning process

1.1.2. educational technology: computer and other devices

1.1.3. measuring and assessing performance

2. Performing

2.1. learning activities

2.1.1. foundation for improved performance

2.2. practice exercises

2.2.1. result in learning

2.3. observable and measurable

2.3.1. specific and constructive feedback

3. Formative Feedback

3.1. support learning

3.1.1. self regulation

3.2. improve performance

3.2.1. establish expectations

3.2.2. identify problematic areas

3.3. Recognition of success and factors influencing success

3.3.1. develop confidence & competence