Teaching Pragmatics: Trends and Issues

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Teaching Pragmatics: Trends and Issues by Mind Map: Teaching Pragmatics: Trends and Issues

1. Pragmatic development involves acquisition and extends beyond grammar (Taguchi, 2011).

2. Pragmatic includes the knowledge of forms, functional possibilities, and contextual requirements (Taguchi, 2011).

3. Pragmatic competence involves the ability to manage a complex interplay of language, language users, and context of interaction (Taguchi, 2011).

4. Pragmatics has benefits it helps to develop the learners' autonomy, helps the learner to take initiative and responsibility for their learning (Taguchi, 2011).

5. Pragmatic knowledge that is developed in the class can be transfered to real-life situations outside of the classroom (Taguchi, 2011).

6. Pragmatics addresses a wide range of elements that includes forms, functions, contexts, social relationships, cultural conventions, and norms (Taguchi, 2011).