Human Resources

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Human Resources by Mind Map: Human Resources

1. Manager-Employee Relationship

2. Manager

3. Employee

4. Receives ideas & input from employees

5. Maintains open door for all employees

6. Process-centered Manager: focuses mainly on machines

7. People-centered Manager: focuses mainly on people

8. Production-centered Manager: focuses mainly on getting the job done

9. Reports directly to manager/supervisor

10. Is expected to complete tasks efficiently

11. Performance Training

12. Requires both managers & employees

13. Orientation & training arranged by HR

14. Mentoring *important to employee development*

15. Break down job descriptions within the department

16. Planning For the Future

17. 1.Job identification

18. 2. Job summary

19. 3. Principal duties performed section

20. 4. Job specification section

21. Position Incumbent: produces position descriptions