Primary Functions XZX

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Primary Functions XZX by Mind Map: Primary Functions XZX

1. New Wonderful Idea

2. What is this?

2.1. Nothing to do here

2.1.1. Sub of a sub

2.1.2. Lets make moar Titles for ages

2.2. Just not ready for now.

3. Kirjautuminen

4. Tutorial

4.1. Upgrade pop-up requirements during Tutorial when trying to export to PDF

4.2. History view has big performance issues (weird jittering when changing version)

4.3. History view stopped working (access to newer releases was prevented)

4.4. Presentation mode was not full screen. The bottom tool bar was still showing a little bit with all the actions still remaining hidden under the windows tool bar) -> Tutorial asks to press to an action that is hidden at the bottom of the view (you can see the "press this" circles)

5. File Manager

6. Test

7. Account Management

8. Mindmap editor

8.1. Graphical glitch when highlighting and then editing the selection (small blue bar on the right persists while editing)

8.2. The top bar "i" button has vital actions hidded within it, these need to be more readily available

9. Side bar

9.1. Side bar smilies work in a weird way -> Seems that one icon from a group can be shown.