Talent Attraction Strategy Proposal

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Talent Attraction Strategy Proposal by Mind Map: Talent Attraction Strategy Proposal

1. Optimize Job Adverts

1.1. Title

1.2. Job Specific

1.3. Person Specific

1.4. Rewards & Benefit

1.5. Sell Environments

1.6. Index them correctly

2. Analyze The Company

2.1. Document Values

2.2. Involve staff

3. Activate Mobile Strategy

3.1. Leverage Video

3.2. Use sound and ambassador

3.3. Mirror your sales and marketing strategies

4. Track & Learn

5. Grow own talents

5.1. Create professional development plans

5.2. Implement training/development budget for the year

5.3. Offer subscriptions to online training content

6. Develop employeer value proposition

6.1. Stand out from your competitors

6.2. Be authentic

6.3. Make it company-wide

7. Elevate Candidate Experience

7.1. Show stories

7.2. Get to know the candidate early in the process

7.3. Help the candidate see themselves as part of the team

7.4. Keep lines of communication open and regular

7.5. Make it intuitive

8. Use Workforce Planning