Cyberbullying and social media

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Cyberbullying and social media by Mind Map: Cyberbullying and social media

1. monitoring social media

1.1. How often parents should monitor their children ?

1.2. How to monitor cyberbullying at school

1.3. How can we monitor adults and teens from cyberbullying?

1.4. Does monitoring will reduce cyberbullying in our society ?

1.5. At what age does cyberbullying is common ?

2. cyberbullying laws/ punshiment

2.1. What laws can prevent cyberbullying

2.2. Does theses laws also applies on teens and children

2.3. Does these punishment had an effect?

2.4. what are these laws ?

2.5. How can victims reply to threats through socail media ?

3. social media and cyberbullying

3.1. Is cyberbullying worse than bullying in real life?

3.2. At what age should phones and technology be given?

3.3. what people should benefit from the Interenet instead of cyberbullying?

3.4. what's the types of cyberbullying on the internt?

3.5. Which app contain the most common cyberbullying predators?

4. cyberbullying self harms

4.1. can cyberbullying result to self harm ?

4.2. does these crimes are taken into consideration

4.3. what crimes can happen from the result of cyberbullying ?

4.4. Can cyberbullying reaches to suicide?

4.5. Does posting rumors , threats and personal information result to self harming?

5. cyberbullying and self-esteem

5.1. How can cyberbullying effect the confidence level in a person?

5.2. how can the victims change the cyberbullying they receives into something positive ?

5.3. What victims emotional experience?

5.4. Does offenders who threats victims has lower self- esteem ?