Identification of Transport-Garbage

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Identification of Transport-Garbage by Mind Map: Identification of  Transport-Garbage

1. Q3A

1.1. Import Q3A last 10 day's

1.1.1. not in scope

1.2. Import Q3A last 11 - 30 day's

1.2.1. ask CC / BC for testing / release to P3A

1.3. Import Q3A older than 30 day's

1.3.1. potential transport-garbage clear P3A-release with CC / BC decision for transport to P3A not tested yet if "not needed anymore" initiate removel-process Q3A

2. D3A

2.1. ongoing development (last change (object) < 10 days)

2.1.1. not in scope

2.2. development actual project/ticket (last change (object) 10 - 30 days

2.2.1. not in scope ask CC / BC for release

2.3. last object change older than 30 day's

2.3.1. potential development-Garbage clear development-removal with Developer / Ticket-owner / CC / BC in case of removal-request initiate removal-process D3A in case of "needed" (no removal) mark for follow-up check