Audio genres

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Audio genres by Mind Map: Audio genres

1. Genres by style

1.1. Acción

1.1.1. They usually include high doses of adrenaline and energy, with many physical stunts and persecutions, possibly with bailouts, battles, fights, leaks, destructive crises

1.2. Adventure

1.2.1. They are usually interesting stories, with new experiences or exotic places, often very similar to action movies.

1.3. Catastrophe

1.3.1. Tienen como tema principal una catástrofe en curso o inminente para la raza humana

1.4. Science fiction

1.4.1. It uses speculative representations based on the science of imaginary phenomena such as aliens, alien planets and time travel, often along with technological elements such as futuristic spaceships, robots and other technologies.

1.5. Comedy

1.5.1. They are cheerful and deliberately designed to have fun and provoke laughter with a line of dialogue and jokes, exaggerating the situation, language, action, relationships and characters.

1.6. Documentary flim

1.6.1. It is the expression of an aspect of reality, shown in audiovisual form.

1.7. Drama

1.7.1. They focus mainly on the development of a conflict between the protagonists, or the protagonist with his surroundings or with himself.

1.8. fantasy

1.8.1. They usually include magic, exotic fantasy worlds, or absolutely unreal facts, characters or creatures that in no way belong to the known reality of our world.

1.9. Musicals

1.9.1. It is characterized by films that contain interruptions in its development, to give a short break through a sung musical fragment or accompanied by a choreography.

1.10. Suspense

1.10.1. It is basically a story of intrigue that is characterized by having fast pace, action, ingenious heroes and powerful and influential villains.

1.11. Terror

1.11.1. It is characterized by its willingness to provoke in the viewer feelings of fear, fear, disgust, disgust, horror, discomfort or worry.

1.12. Pornography

1.12.1. Also called porn cinema, or simply porn, is one in which the genitals are explicitly shown while performing the sexual act and whose purpose is to excite the viewer.

2. Genres by audience

2.1. Childish

2.2. Young boys

2.3. Adults

2.4. Family members

3. Genres by format

3.1. Animated

3.1.1. Films composed of hand-drawn frames that, quickly passed, produce illusion of movement.

3.2. Silent movie

3.2.1. It does not have recorded and synchronized sound, especially referring to spoken dialogue, consisting solely of images.

3.3. cinema sound

3.3.1. It is one in which the film incorporates synchronized sound, or technologically coupled sound with image.

3.4. 2D cinema

3.4.1. It is the cinema projected in two dimensions, width and height, it is the traditional way in which we see the cinema, both in exhibition halls and on television.

3.5. 3D cinema

3.5.1. It is the cinema projected in three dimensions, width, height and depth. The creation of animated films that use 3D as technology has also become very popular.

3.6. Imax cinema

3.6.1. It has the ability to project representations of larger size and definition than conventional projection systems.

4. Genres by setting

4.1. War

4.1.1. They are movies that focus their history on wars.

4.2. Contemporary

4.2.1. They are movies temporarily set in recent or current situations of society.

4.3. Crime

4.3.1. They are movies that focus on the lives of criminals.

4.4. Sports shoes

4.4.1. They are films developed in environments or events related to a sport.

4.5. Gangsters

4.5.1. Its main theme is organized crime. Unlike other genres whose central theme is crime, in gangster cinema the point of view of the criminal himself predominates, which makes many of these films morally ambiguous.

4.6. Police

4.6.1. The argument generally has a simple structure, with introduction, development and outcome. Usually at the beginning the spectator is offered the background of a serious crime, ending this part when the criminal act is actually committed and the suspense is armed.

4.7. Historiacal

4.7.1. Characterized by the setting in a given historical era, whether the facts and characters represented are real or imaginary.

4.8. Western

4.8.1. This film shows the exploration and development of the western territory of the United States during the 19th century.

4.9. Religiuos

4.9.1. They are those films whose theme and / or orientation is directed towards God, biblical characters and other conflicts that involve spirituality.

4.10. Futuristic

4.10.1. Futuristic movies are loaded with elements of artificial intelligence, advanced technology, unfamiliar ways of life, setting in places outside the planet or on a completely different Earth than we know.

4.11. Epic

4.11.1. The term "epic" refers to long-term films, which often focus their plot on times of war or conflict and usually cover a wide space of time.

5. Sub-genres

5.1. Cinema art

5.1.1. It is a type of cinema made by companies, often small, whose production line contrasts with those aimed at the box office and mass consumption.

5.2. Movie author

5.2.1. Author's cinema is the cinema in which the director has a preponderant role by normally relying on his own script.

5.3. Indie movies

5.3.1. It is a film that has not been produced by large film studios and, in the United States, mainly with staff not affiliated with the union.

5.4. Cult cinema

5.4.1. The term cult film refers to a type of film that attracts a small group of devotees, fans or one that remains popular over the years among a small group of followers.

5.5. Traditional cinema

5.5.1. It consists of recounting the habits of society. In this type of cinema, the plot and the characters go to the background, and the story focuses on what the camera is capable of capturing.

5.6. Experimental cinema

5.6.1. It is one that uses a more artistic means of expression, breaking the barriers of audiovisual language and strictly structured narrative cinema and using the resources to express and make emotions, experiences, feelings, with a very aesthetic and very artistic value, use plastic effects or rhythmic, linked to the treatment of the image or sound.

5.7. Martial arts cinema

5.7.1. The plot contains fighting scenes with martial arts, encompassing many different styles.

5.8. Gore or Spllatter cinema

5.8.1. It is a type of horror film that focuses on the visceral and graphic violence.

5.9. Political cinema

5.9.1. Political cinema is a cinema that provides enough elements to reflect on a certain political reality. It is debated between drama and documentary, provides an interpretation of the story and an aesthetic reflection on the past that the viewer makes or rejects ideologically.

5.10. Surreal cinema

5.10.1. Coming from poetry and plastic arts, it maintains many of its great motives: creation apart from all aesthetic and moral principles, fantasy, humor, lyric eroticism, the deliberate confusion of different times and spaces.

5.11. Giallo cinema

5.11.1. It is a cinematographic subgenre of Italian origin, derived from thriller and horror movies.

5.12. Black cinema

5.12.1. Presents a violent, clinical and corruption society that threatens not only the hero / protagonist of the films but also other characters, within an atmosphere of fatalistic pessimism.