Tips on how to save energy and have an eco-friendly home.

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Tips on how to save energy and have an eco-friendly home. by Mind Map: Tips on how to save energy and have an eco-friendly home.

1. Outside the house: Water the garden with water used to wash vegetables and fruits.

2. In the laundry room: Leave shirts dry on the hangers to reduce the need to use the iron.

3. In the laundry room: Use the cold water cycle in a shorter time to save energy.

4. Outside: If you need to use a water pump, make a schedule of what days we really need.

5. In the room: Do not use benjamins to plug several appliances into one outlet, it will avoid a large expense on your electricity bill.

6. In the kitchen: If using the rice cooker, avoid leaving it in the hoon function.

7. Before buying a piece of equipment, choose energy-efficient appliances that carry the Procel Energy Saving label.

8. At the washer: Use the electric iron when you have too many clothes to iron.

9. In the kitchen: Keep the refrigerator 20 centimeter away from the wall and not near the electric cooker.

10. Choose in the interior shade of the comfortable light paints preferably for the reduction of electric light.

11. When painting your home, choose natural and environmentally friendly paints.

12. In the kitchen area: Use recycling, separate organic waste from recyclable waste.

13. Outside the house: Use of solar panels, having a new source of energy.

14. In every home: Do not leave appliances plugged in, wasting energy unnecessarily.

15. In the kitchen area: Do not use non-disposable materials as it pollutes the planet and generates a lot of waste.

16. Indoors: Use plants that help renew the air and also decorate the environment.

17. Generally throughout the house: Use of sustainable furniture and decorations made from reforested bamboo.

18. In the bathroom: Conscious use of the bathroom sink water.

19. In the bathroom: Conscious use of the electric shower.

20. Generally throughout the house: Water saving.

21. In every home: Use light bulbs that consume less energy.

22. In the laundry: Use the laundry when you have the highest concentration of dirty clothes.

23. Outside the house: Do not use high-pressure machines every day, make a weekly schedule of the days most needed for cleaning the yard.

24. Make a schedule of the monthly price of the water and electricity bill so you have a sense of the month's expense.