SDF Object Exposure Self Service.

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SDF Object Exposure Self Service. by Mind Map: SDF Object Exposure Self Service.

1. Record Owning Teams use cases

1.1. Add a new field

1.2. Change properties of a field

1.3. Add new fragment/sublist/subrecord

1.4. Expose a new object

2. SDF use cases (Why certain aspects of the object need to be exposed?)

2.1. Validation

2.2. Project Upload (Create/Update/Delete)

2.3. Project Creation

2.4. Project References and Dependency Management

2.5. SuiteApp Uninstall

2.6. Team Development & Role of VCS

2.7. SuiteApp vs ACP

3. "What" aspects of the object need to be exposed?

3.1. Fields

3.2. Sublists/Subrecords/Fragments

3.3. Relationship to other objects

3.3.1. SuiteApp dependencies

3.4. Script ids

3.5. App id

3.6. CRUD

3.7. Validations

3.8. Cross version considerations

3.9. file cabinet folders

3.10. Translation

4. How to expose the object?

4.1. IDE/Environment to be setup for testing

4.2. Testing

4.3. Real live examples that demonstrate it all

5. SDF Team's role

5.1. Documentation

5.2. Testing

5.3. Functional Review

5.4. Tracking of work

5.5. Planning and coordinating work for a release

5.6. Initial decision about level of object support (based on documentation)