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Mind Map by Mind Map: Mind Map


1.1. Get 3.0 this semester

1.1.1. Finding the right internships and getting the right set of skills for future job Graduate LIM College Fall'20


2.1. Finish credit card debt before graduating

2.1.1. Start paying off student loan debt once I graduate Work on my credit in order to get a loan and buy property

3. Personal

3.1. Lose ten pounds before my birthday.

3.1.1. Once I do that continue to live a healthy life and maintain my weight at a normal weight.

3.2. Go to Guatemala in February.

3.2.1. Once I visit Guatemala I would like to visit somewhere else during the summer.

3.3. Get my License before the year ends.

3.3.1. Buy a car with my boyfriend that we can both

4. Career

4.1. Find the ideal job in the Fashion Industry after graduating by the Fall'20

4.1.1. Becoming a business women and buying property in the Dominican Republic by 2022/23

4.1.2. Start off my business once I save up enough money and know what I truly want to do by 2021

5. Relationship

5.1. Move in together by the Summer'20

5.2. Save money together to buy a house together in Five years