Performance Management Process

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Performance Management Process by Mind Map: Performance Management Process

1. 1. Prerequisiters

1.1. Knowledge of the org's mission of stratergic goals ( result of stratergic goal)

1.2. Knowledge of the job in question (job analysis)

1.2.1. JA KSAs Conducted by Observation Off-the-shelf questionares Interview Component

1.2.2. JA questionares Knowledge & skill Prb solving Accountability & end result

1.2.3. Rater training Biasing factors Self serving bias Social projection & false consensus bias Five steps of a comman frame of reference Provide rater define the scale Decribe what behaviors were indicative Allow raters to practice provide feedback

2. 2. Performance Planning

2.1. Result

2.1.1. Key accountabilities Broad areas of a job for which the employee is resonsible for producing results

2.1.2. Specific objectives statements of outcomes

2.1.3. Performance Standard "Yardstick" to evaluate how well employees have achieved each job informantion on performance

2.2. Behavior

2.2.1. How a job is done

2.2.2. Competencies measure clusters of KSAs Critical in determining how result will be achieved

2.3. Development plan

2.3.1. Areas for improvement

2.3.2. Goals to be achieved in each area of improvement

3. 3. Performance Execution

3.1. Employees

3.1.1. Commitment to goal achievement

3.1.2. On going performance

3.1.3. Feedback and coaching

3.1.4. Communication with supervisor

3.1.5. Collecting & sharing perf data

3.1.6. Preparing for perf review

3.2. Managers

3.2.1. Observation and documentation

3.2.2. Update

3.2.3. Resources

3.2.4. Reinforcement

3.2.5. feedback

4. 4. Performance Assessment

4.1. Manager Assessment

4.2. Self-assessment

4.3. Other sources

4.4. Multiple Assessments are necessary

5. 5. Performance review

5.1. Identify what the employee has done well and poorly

5.2. Identify what the employee has done well and poorly

5.3. Discuss the implications of changing behaviors

5.4. Explain how skill used in past achievements can help overcome any performance problems

5.5. Agree on action plan

5.6. Set a follow-up meeting and agree on behaviors, actions, attitudes, to be evaluated

6. 6. Performance renewal and recontracting

6.1. Using the insights and information gained from the other phrases

6.2. A cycle which starts with prerequisites and ends with performance renewal and recontracting