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Types of Motion by Mind Map: Types of Motion

1. Uniform lineal Motion

1.1. is motion that occurs in one dimension of space at a constant speed and direction.

1.1.1. A car moving on a straight road without any change in its velocity

2. Non Uniform lineal Motion

2.1. occurs when an object travels different distances in equal time intervals. This happens when the object is speeding up or slowing down, so its velocity is changing

2.1.1. a child going down a slide, as they are constantly changing speed and position.

3. Uniform circular motion

3.1. occurs when an object moves with a constant speed around a circular path.

3.1.1. Merry-go-around in full speed.

4. Non Uniform circular Motion

4.1. circular motion denotes a change in the speed of a particle moving along a circular path.

4.1.1. the motion of a train

5. Pendulum

5.1. basically depicts the motion of a mass hanging from a string that moves back and forth.

5.1.1. Clock. A mechanical clock uses a pendulum to keep accurate time

6. Undulation

6.1. Undulation is a flowing, up-and-down movement

6.1.1. Ocean Waves