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Foster Love by Mind Map: Foster Love

1. Home

1.1. Home page gives general description of the websites and its purpose.

1.1.1. Create a logo

2. Resources

2.1. This page will list resouces for Foster Parents. This page will list governent programs that help Foster Parents financially in terms of providing food and clothes to the children. Other resouces would inlcude local organizations an church groups.

2.1.1. Create a social media account for followers to join.

3. Get Connected

3.1. This page is for Foster Parents to get connected with other Foster Parents. Blogs, Youtube channels and instagram pages will be listed.

3.1.1. Create a social media account for followers to join. Link blogs and other social meidas that are related.

4. Parenting

4.1. This page will give Foster Parents tips for the challenges they may encounter when fostering a child.

4.1.1. Create animations for cerian topics within the parenting page.

5. Where to Begin

5.1. Page for prospective Foster Parents that guides them trhough the process of becoming a certified foster parent and the steps they will have to take.

5.1.1. Create a powepoint presentation of all the steps to becoming a certified Foster Parent.

6. About Me

6.1. This page is about me. Stating my purpose for the website.

6.1.1. Insert photos

7. References

7.1. Listing sources used

7.1.1. Insert pictures or logos