The Future Kindergarten Teacher - McKinley Yazzie

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The Future Kindergarten Teacher - McKinley Yazzie by Mind Map: The Future Kindergarten Teacher - McKinley Yazzie

1. Course Projects

2. References

2.1. Weebly

2.1.1. Mindmeister

3. Blog

3.1. Daily life

3.1.1. Personal life while going to school and being a dog mom

4. Contact

4.1. Email

4.1.1. Text Phone Location

5. About Me

5.1. Why I wanted to become a teacher

5.2. Personal biography and background

5.3. My learning experiences with different teachers and learning styles

5.4. What kind of teacher I aspire to be

5.5. My "why" - Simon S made some very good points about "the why & what someone believes in." This made me think about my career website about my goal to become an elementary school teacher, specifically a kindergarten teacher. My "why" to teach is to impact the little minds & empower the them with confidence to be the best academically & socially. On my career portfolio website, my "why" is to show those with goals to become a teacher; anything is possible. It's also fun to interact & relate to people with the same interests because this is how you get an audience on a website.

6. Home

6.1. Background of why I created this website about myself