Reading observation

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Reading observation by Mind Map: Reading observation

1. Phonics/Decoding

1.1. The learner could match sounds to words but to a certain extent. But mostly he struggles a lot for a example, he pronounces the 'v' "lived"as ïf"

1.2. The learner struggled to match letters to sound accurately

1.3. The learner struggled to blend sounds in simple words such as"lived"

1.4. The learner struggled to read one syllable words

1.5. The child cannot read or pronounce multi-syllable words

2. Fluency

2.1. The learner struggles a little bit naming letters accurately and fluently

2.2. Learner struggles with reading sounds accurately and fluently

2.3. The learner struggles with blending the words accurately a and fluently , but can read individual words

2.4. The learner couldn't read with attention to panctuation and expression

3. Phonological awareness

3.1. shows auditory discrimination and is able to match phonemes to words

3.2. Has ability to blend syllables but struggles .

3.3. Has ability to isolate individual sounds

3.4. cannot blend some phonemes

3.5. Medial sounds are a bit of a struggle

3.6. This prove to be a very difficult task for the learner

4. Vocabulary

4.1. shows struggle in using basic concepts

4.2. Doesn't have vocabulary due to not reading regulary

4.3. Is not able to use new and previously learnt vocabulary in context

4.4. Find it very difficult /hard to use the vocabulary and there is a great struggling when it comes to writing

4.5. Doesn't understand synonyms and antonyms