Inspiration Station "Find inspiration here."

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Inspiration Station "Find inspiration here." by Mind Map: Inspiration Station "Find inspiration here."

1. Home

1.1. Will have inspirational quotes so the audience can get a good sense of what to expect.

1.1.1. List of inspirational people, contact/support, professional resources.

2. Contact/Support

2.1. audience can send a message on how the website helped them become inspired.

2.1.1. The way they can contact us is by leaving their first and last name, their email, and they can write in the text box provided.

3. Professional Resources

3.1. Ted Talks, Historical figures, modern figures

3.1.1. This is going to focus on inspirational people from different eras and different areas in culture.

4. About Me

4.1. I will talk about myself and how I had moments when I had lack of inspiration.

4.1.1. I will have quotes that inspired me and talk about how they helped me stay motivated.

5. Blog

5.1. I will have a button that people can press to add their blogs.

5.1.1. An "add blog" button.