pros and cons of technology

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pros and cons of technology by Mind Map: pros and cons of technology

1. pro: you can find many educative websites on the www.

2. pro: it is similar to video games so it is viewed as "fun"

3. con: people dont take it very seriously because it is veiwed as a game

4. pro: youll never spell a word wrong because there is an auto correct

5. con: it can be very slow sometimes

6. Pro: people can stay connected by calling, texting face timing,ect.

7. pro: toddlers develope stronger motor skills

8. pro: it can be alot easier to apply for jobs

9. pro: you dont have to wait for shipping with digital textbooks

10. con:factory jobs are being replaced with robots instead of humans

11. con: People(like me) dont understand how to do everthing well

12. con: technology requires alot of care

13. pro: you learn alot of new things by just exploring.

14. con: there is alot of cyber bullying in this world

15. pro: technology provides alot faster communication

16. con: technology is very expensive.

17. pro: you can find many educative websites

18. con:it can be a huge distraction in class

19. con: people dont do much physical activity

20. CON: Loss of human activity