Post- Civil War

Post- Civil War

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Post- Civil War by Mind Map: Post- Civil War

1. The New South

1.1. The Lost Cause Movement

1.1.1. Positive Perception Of Civil War Edward Pollard War Of Ideas

1.1.2. United Daughters of Confederacy Monument Movement Reunions Supreme White Defense Jim Crow laws

2. The New West

2.1. Migration

2.1.1. Manifest Destiny

2.1.2. John O'Sullivan

2.1.3. Federal Government Promoted Westward Migration

2.1.4. Homestead Act (1862)

2.1.5. Exodusters Benjamin Singleton 200 settlers to kansas Whites Closed the Mississippi river

2.1.6. Mining 1859 Come stock Lode was discovered

2.2. Territory

2.2.1. Mexican- American U.S Declared War

2.2.2. Native Americans Forced Native Americans Off their land Agreement made at Fort Larmire (Leave Immigrants Alone) Sioux Land Violation Series Of Wars Dog Soldiers (1864) Black Kettle Expressed Friendliness at fort Lyon

2.2.3. John Chirvington Sand Creek Massacre Replaced by Scott Anthony

2.2.4. George Cluster Territory Violation Led Miners through Black Hills Great Sioux war Little Big Horn Custer's Last Stand

2.2.5. Wokoka (Spirtual Leader)

2.2.6. Ghost Dance

2.2.7. Battle of the wounded Knee

2.2.8. (1890) Forced Plain Indians into reservation

2.3. Reform

2.4. Land Reform & Educational Refom

2.5. Dawes Act

2.6. Hellen Hunt

2.7. Cattle Industry

2.8. Texas LongHorn

2.8.1. Open Range, Round Up Joseph Glidden Barbed Wire

2.9. Law Enforcement in The West

2.9.1. OutLaws

2.10. William Billamy

2.11. Dalton Gang

2.12. Pearl Taylor

2.13. Lawmen

2.14. Dallas Stoudemerie

2.15. Bass Reves

2.16. Closing The Frontier

2.17. Natives forced to reservation

2.18. End of the Continued expansion

2.19. Fredrick Jackson Turner

2.20. Significance of the Frontier

2.21. Frontier Thesis

3. Southern Economy

3.1. Governor Ben Tillman

3.1.1. Supreme White Defense

3.1.2. Jim Crow Laws

3.1.3. Homer Plessy Case

3.1.4. Seprate But Equal

3.1.5. Senator James Vardan

3.2. Taxing Property Instead of Slaves

3.3. Dependence on Cash Crops

3.4. Tenant Farming & Sharecropping

3.5. Henry Grady

3.5.1. New South Approach

3.5.2. Capitalist, Factories, Multi-crop

3.5.3. Extraction Industries

3.5.4. Iron Production Birmingham, Al

3.5.5. Tobacco Industry Manufacturing Cigarettes with Automated Rollers

3.5.6. Text Mill William Durst Bought by James Self