Women in South Carolina Experience Occupation, 1780

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Women in South Carolina Experience Occupation, 1780 by Mind Map: Women in South Carolina Experience Occupation, 1780

1. Women in Rebillion

1.1. "they rushed in in the most furious manner, crying out, ‘Where are these women rebels?" (Ellet)

1.1.1. Women participated in boycotting which lead to the British thinking they were rebelling when they were just partaking in activities the men were. Mayor ingreso Desarrollo Formación

1.1.2. While on the other hand if women were to stand by the British and did what they were told that would still have a devastating impact.

2. Social Change

2.1. "This outrage was followed by a visit from M’Girth’s men, who treated the ladies with more civility" (Ellet)

2.1.1. In women boycotting British goods and participating in the rebellion, they began to be treated less like objects, and more like human beings. Rebelling made men more polite and respectful towards women.

2.1.2. Women's roles in their household became complicated due to their rebellion. They were expected now to not only rebel, but also, make cloth, work to produce goods and help the army, and even spy on the British.

2.2. After the war woman did become more respected, but they lost all their political and economic rights to their husband.

2.2.1. Divorce statistics flew through the roof after many wanted to have rights. "Known as “elopement notices,” they cataloged the misbehaviors of deviant spouses, such as wives’ “indecent manner,” a way of implying sexual impropriety. As violence and inequality continued in many American marriages, wives in return highlighted their husbands’ “drunken fits” and violent rages. One woman noted that her partner “presented his gun at my breast . . . and swore he would kill me.” (American Yawp) Formación Desarrollo de Conocimientos Hilidades