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My Goals by Mind Map: My Goals

1. Vet tech degree by may 2024

1.1. Motivation,concentration,not getting into the program,taking more classes due to lack of credit

1.1.1. get into vet program,study,maintain a job in that field 2 resources My books, vet clinic Question Should I get a job, or an internship in a vet clinic for double the experience?

1.1.2. 3 things to do

1.2. 4 LOC

2. To pass EDCU 1300 successfully and learn all I can from it. By Dec. 2019

2.1. 4 LOC

2.2. Motivation, opportunities,talk to people when stress gets to be too much,stay positive if i'm not able to make it on time.

2.2.1. 3 things to do

2.2.2. do all class assignments, and turned in on time,come to class everyday,take notes 2 resources My books, Posted notes Question Did I do all that I could to receive the grade that I wanted?

3. Get a Nissan Juke car by Jul. 2020

3.1. 4 LOC

3.2. Saving money,good credit, something goes wrong with the car,deposit for car

3.2.1. 3 things to do

3.2.2. Get the correct amount of money, licences,car dealerships 2 resources Parents, Nissan dealership Question Do I have good credit to get this car?