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Stress by Mind Map: Stress

1. Tips

1.1. Untitled

1.1.1. 5 Simple Ways to Manage Stress Never Take a Decision on an Empty Stomach Never Take a Decision When You Didn't Have Enough Sleep Establish Clear Exit Points One Thing at a Time Be Flexible

1.1.2. 5 Signs of a Stress-Ridden Mind You procrastinate constantly Your life seems chaotic Mindless eating Aloofness You're aggressive rather than assertive Steps Clutter Management Mindfulness Write in a journal Doing what I enjoy Yoga

1.1.3. 5 Ways to Reduce Stress and Feel More Relaxed Stop and Smile Give Yourself a Break Pause to Find a Higher Perspective Better Sleep, Less Stimulants Keep a Calm Log

2. Finances

2.1. Financial Stress and How to Plan Against It

2.1.1. Have an emergency fund

2.1.2. Have insurance

2.2. Stress and Overspending

2.2.1. Focus on what's stressing you

2.2.2. Talk about what's stressing you

2.2.3. Eliminate a less-important life element

3. Career

3.1. How to Manage Career Transition Stress

3.1.1. Regain Your Balance

3.1.2. Change Negative Thoughts

3.1.3. Take Care of Yourself

3.1.4. Manage Your Finances

3.1.5. Be Proactive

3.1.6. Devise a Workable Plan

4. Relaxation

4.1. How Mindful Walking Can Help You Relax

4.1.1. Choose Where to Walk

4.1.2. Counting Steps, Counting Breaths

4.2. 5 Ways to be Calm Under Pressure

4.2.1. Four square breathing

4.2.2. Take a solitude break

4.2.3. Go for a walk outside

4.2.4. Get a mini massage

4.2.5. Add positive inputs

4.3. 4 of the Best 30 Second Relaxation Practices

4.3.1. Sounds of the ocean therapy

4.3.2. Smile into your organs

4.3.3. Belly breathing to calm and anxious stomach

4.3.4. Calm your mind with a break