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STEM by Mind Map: STEM

1. Earth Science

1.1. I've learn in this subject how to use a renewable resources, stages of stars, constellations, and what are the different galaxies in the outer space.

2. Pre-Calculus

2.1. Pre-Calculus is how to solve the equations and to graph and also how to apply a formula in a shortest way.

3. Filipino

3.1. I've learn in this subject is how to use and understand the different languages and to make a different article.

4. Oral Communication

4.1. This subject is how to communicate others even you are in international places and also I've learn how to communicate in different people in their different nationality

5. Bible

5.1. I've learn from the bible class is how to communicaten with God.

6. Philosophy

6.1. Philosophy is all about human's experience in the world it is all about critical thinking, reality and existence, and logic analysis.

7. Physical Education

7.1. Physical Education is all about a proper exercise to manage your body to eat some eating habits and to exercise every day regularly.

8. General Mathematics

8.1. I've learn in General Mathematics is how to solve a Rational Inequality ho to graph and to find X and Y.

9. E-tech

9.1. E-tech it is a communication technology using a cellphone, internet, etc. that we are using in our society and we learn how to make our reports using a laptop or computer and also we learn how to use photoshop that I can use a small business someday.