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Cellls by Mind Map: Cellls

1. Membrane

1.1. Transport- Actions around cell

1.1.1. Passive Diffusion simple facilitated osmosis hypertonic isotonic hypnotic

1.1.2. Active Primary

1.2. Cell membrane components

1.2.1. Lipids phospholipids polar head non polar head Glycolpids cholestrol

1.2.2. Proteins structural integral peripheral functional receptors cell- adhesions proteins Transport proteins Enzymes cell surface receptors Anchoring sites

2. Cytoplasms

2.1. Cytosol

2.2. Inclusion

2.3. Organelles

2.3.1. membrane bound Mitochodria lysosome Golgi aperature peroximes Endoplsmic reticulum Rough ER Smooth ER

2.3.2. None membrane bound Ribosomes Centrosomes Proteasomes Cytoskeleton

2.4. Cytoskeleton

3. Nucleus

3.1. Protein synthesis

3.1.1. Dna is replicated to a copy of RNA Translation Takes place in the cytosol Reading and decoding Mrna bring copies strand outside and Trna comes with amino acids and help make acids transcription Takes place in the nucleus dna is copied in a strand of Mrna

3.2. Nucleulous

3.2.1. Ribosomes are made here

3.3. Nucleur envelope

3.4. Nuclear pores

4. Structures of the cells external surfaces

4.1. cilia

4.2. Flagella

4.3. Microvilli