Information and Communications Technology

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Information and Communications Technology by Mind Map: Information and Communications Technology

1. Current State of ICT Technologies

1.1. WEB 2.0

1.1.1. History

1.1.2. Elements

1.1.3. Tools

1.1.4. Technologies Adobo Flash Microsoft Silverlight JavaScript Torrent

1.2. Web 2.0 to Web 3.0

1.2.1. Expanded Definition Ubiquitous Connectivity Network Computing Open Technologies Open Identity The Intelligent Web

1.2.2. Ubiquitus Computing

1.2.3. More Intelligent Web Technologogical Convergence Digital Convergence Telecommunication Convergence Media Convergence

1.3. Social and Assistive Media

1.3.1. Social Media Microblogging Social Curation Wikis

1.3.2. Assistive Media

1.4. Educational Technology

1.4.1. Learning Management System

1.4.2. Social Media and Peer-to-Peer Platforms

1.4.3. Conferencing Applications Online Meeting Two-Way Audio

2. Online Safety, Security, Ethics and Etiquette

2.1. Your Online Data

2.1.1. Traditional Data

2.1.2. Internet of Things and Big Data

2.2. Online Security Threats and Attacks

2.2.1. Malicious Programs Virus Worms Trojans Bots

2.2.2. Phishing

2.3. Cybersecurity

2.4. Fighting Against Security Threats

2.4.1. Best Practices for Combating Malware Threats Ensure that your operating system is up to date Install an anti-virus software in your PC's Firewall should always be enabled Assure that the file to be downloaded is safe Be cautious accepting or agreeing to prompts

2.4.2. Points to Ponder to Secure your Own Data Use browsers in a private manner You should take care when choosing a username or alias for your online identity Choose your passwords wisely Be careful when sharing documents, pictures, and other online resources via blogs or emails Be aware of shoulder surfing Verify data is encrypted Be aware of social engineering Use two-factor authentication if it is available When connecting via Wi-Fi, log on to a secure network using WEP or WPA

2.5. Netiquette and Internet Chat Rooms

2.5.1. Email

2.5.2. Group Chat

2.5.3. Usenet

3. Contextualized Online Search and Research Skills

3.1. Search Engines