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Cheer by Mind Map: Cheer

1. Positions

1.1. body

1.1.1. heel stretch one leg pointed toe

1.1.2. scale straight leg chest to the front

1.1.3. bow and arrow good flexibility extend arm over to leg

1.2. stunt

1.2.1. bases side located on flyer's left side has to be under the stunt main holds up most of the weight located on flyer's right side

1.2.2. flyer tight squeeze at all times confident loose doesn't squeeze at all can lead to a negative attitude

1.2.3. backspot female hard-working have lots of facials male strong committed

2. Conditioning

2.1. endurance

2.1.1. jumping jacks keep arms straight at all times in one motion,jump your feet out and raise your arms above your head

2.1.2. running keep arms at 90 degrees don't lift your knees too high

2.1.3. tuck jumps knees to your chest head and knees upward

2.2. strength

2.2.1. squats place feet should-width apart sit back like you're in an imaginary chair

2.2.2. push-ups bend your elbows at a 45-degree angle requires upper body strength

2.2.3. planks uses core strength keeps your lower back in a neutral position

3. Uniform

3.1. clothing

3.1.1. skirt/shorts brings the uniform together the company colors

3.1.2. tops represents the company has the company logo

3.2. accessories

3.2.1. bow decorative colorful

3.2.2. makeup looks more professional make us look all on one accord

4. Tumbling

4.1. running

4.1.1. fast begins with a round-off very powerful

4.1.2. formation ends with a series of tricks requires dedication

4.2. standing

4.2.1. hard doesn't consist of a round-off requires power

4.2.2. balance tumble on count tumble slow and easy