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Learning by Mind Map: Learning

1. My Beliefs

1.1. owners

1.2. supporters

1.3. beneficial

1.4. inspirational

1.5. high expectations

1.5.1. expectations should not be lowered

1.6. inspirational

1.7. real world skills should be emphasized

1.7.1. real world challenges should be simulated

1.8. students have the means and skills to coordinate/direct their own learning

1.9. 21st century technology such as phones can be tools not hindering

2. My Goals

2.1. student center

2.2. collaborators

2.3. positive communicators

2.4. create curious studetns

2.5. student builders

2.6. build better collaborators

2.7. transform learning beyond the classroom

3. My Knowing

3.1. studetns want to be inspired

3.2. aquire knowledge

3.3. want challenges

3.4. want to be independent owner's of their education

3.5. can work effectively together

3.6. can reach high expectations

3.7. can make deep meaningful connections

3.8. students want to see tangible uses for their learning and practical uses