Solid Waste in Malaysia

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Solid Waste in Malaysia by Mind Map: Solid Waste in Malaysia

1. Authorities

1.1. Solid Waste and Public Cleansing Management Act 2007 (Act 672)

1.1.1. Power to direct for controlled solid waste to be separated, handled and stored Fails to comply be liable to fine not exceeding RM 1,000

1.2. Ministry of Housing and Local Government

1.2.1. issued 2 Regulations on 1 August 2018 relating to institutional solid waste Solid Waste Management and Public Cleansing (Commercial, Industrial and Institutional Solid Waste) Regulations 2018 Solid Waste Management and Public Cleansing (Licensing) Regulations (Entrepreneurship or Provision of Collection Services for Commercial, Industrial and Institutional Solid Waste) 2018.

1.3. National Solid Waste Management Department

1.3.1. mandatory to separate at source since 1 September 2015

1.3.2. implementation of 3R practice

1.4. SWCorp

1.4.1. established under Act 673

1.4.2. implement recycling practices and systematic waste separation

2. Solid Waste Management

2.1. Separation at source

2.1.1. Enforce in 8 states

2.1.2. types of waste residual waste recyclable waste bulky/garden waste

2.2. Collection system

2.2.1. 2+1 concept 2x residual waste 1x recyclable waste

2.3. Logistic / transportation

2.3.1. Compactor/Refuse Collection Vehicle collect solid waste from residential, business, etc.

2.3.2. Open truck collect bulk waste, recyclable

2.4. Disposal

2.4.1. Landfill

2.4.2. Incinerator

2.4.3. Open dumping

3. Recycling challenges

3.1. do not actively participate in the 3R programs

3.2. not environmentally benefiting practices

3.3. lack of appropriate understanding of the 3R concept

3.4. absence/insufficient number of bins available

3.5. not providing a comfortable, conducive environment to recycle

3.6. very minimal recycling campaigns, during limited period

3.7. location, distance of facilities

4. Institutional recycling centre

4.1. Institutional solid waste

4.1.1. any solid waste generated by any educational premises

4.1.2. approximately 1,500 tonnes per day (5-10% of total waste generated in Malaysia)

4.2. example of institutional recycling centre

4.2.1. UM Recycling Centre

4.2.2. UPM Waste Bank

4.2.3. University of Colorado Boulder, US

4.2.4. University of Northern Iowa, US