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1. Fever- an elevation in body temp that accelerates tissue metabolism and defense

1.1. 37 C normal temp

2. Inflammation- is localized, tissue level response that tends to limit the spread of an injury or infection

2.1. Products of inflammation:

2.1.1. Necrosis- local tissue destruction in area of injury

2.1.2. Pus-mixture of debris and necrotic tissue

2.1.3. Abscess-pus accumulation in an enclosed space

3. Complement is a system of circulating proteins that assists antibodies in the destruction of pathogens.

3.1. Complement Activation

3.1.1. Classical Pathway-fast method C1 binds to : Antibody molecule attached to antigen

3.1.2. Alternative pathway- slow method exposed to antigen

3.1.3. Both end with conversion of inactive complement protein C3 To active form C3b

4. Interferons- are chemicals that coordinate the defenses against viral infections

4.1. 3 Types of Interferons

4.2. -Alpha interferons Produced by leukocytes Stimulates NK Cells -Beta interferons secreted by fibrocytes slow inflammation -Gamma interferon secreted by T cells & NK cells stimulate microphage activity

5. Physical barriers- keep hazards and materials outside of the body.

5.1. Phagocytes-cells that engulf pathogens and cell debris.

5.2. Immune surveillance- is the destruction of abnormal cells by NK cells in the peripheral tissues.

6. Immunity your born with