Levels Of Government

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Levels Of Government by Mind Map: Levels Of Government

1. Federal

1.1. National security

1.1.1. The federal government is responsible for keeping you safe from attacks from other countries.

1.2. Defense

1.3. International relationships

1.4. Citizenship and immigration

1.4.1. The federal government is responsible for people coming in and out of the country. They are also in charge of people that want to become a citizen of Canada.

1.5. Money and banking

1.6. Postal service

1.7. Rights

1.8. Coast Guard

1.9. Air Force

1.10. Marine Corps

1.11. Navy

1.12. Taxes

2. Provincial

2.1. Education

2.1.1. The reason why the provincial government is responsible for education is because none of the provinces teach the same education.

2.2. Schools

2.3. Healthcare

2.4. Licenses

2.5. Birth certificate

2.6. Lottery

2.6.1. The provincial government is in charge of paying people if they win the lottery.

2.7. Marriges

2.8. Road signs

3. Municipal

3.1. Libraries

3.1.1. The municipal government is responsible for making sure that libraries have books. They are also responsible for building the libraries.

3.2. Community places

3.3. Public transit

3.4. Recycling

3.5. Waste Management

3.6. Water and sewage

3.7. Snow removal

3.8. Airports

3.9. Building Permits

3.9.1. The municipal government is responsible for allowing builders or contractors to build or destroy things

3.10. Property taxes

4. Shared

4.1. Parks

4.2. Tourism

4.3. Police

4.4. Roads

4.5. Environment

4.6. Laws