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1. Business Plan

1.1. employees

1.1.1. job descriptions

1.1.2. training

1.1.3. scheduling mechanics, teachers, head of parts shop, customer service (scheduling, book keeping, keep parts stocked, billing etc.), security guards

1.1.4. wadges hourly or salary pay day through bank or cash

1.1.5. management plan who's in charge? hiring/firing employee evaluation

1.1.6. human resources

1.2. money/cost structure

1.2.1. payroll what software can we use to keep track of this?

1.2.2. start up cost for total facility fundraising business pitch

1.2.3. cost of repair services competitive, fair, pricing

1.2.4. cost of parts in shop partnership to sell at dealer cost?

1.2.5. cost of education mobile repair kits SEE EDUCATION

1.2.6. billing customers and payment collection

1.2.7. general costs utilities taxes insurance

1.3. organization

1.3.1. records/receipts

1.3.2. billing customers

1.3.3. logging system digital or files? or both?

1.3.4. inventory ordering parts keeping items in stock logging system

1.4. Key partners

1.4.1. Toyota

1.4.2. contractors

1.4.3. tools, parts, items suppliers

1.4.4. MGA guides

1.4.5. SolarSPELL

1.4.6. Resorts

1.4.7. Industrial partners willing to invest

2. Education

2.1. Adult

2.1.1. Prescott College

2.2. Automotive

2.2.1. Curriculum General tool use PDFs How to videos Automotive specific tool use PDFs How to videos Vehicle Breakdown Systems Part identification Basic Maintenance Inspection Indicatiors General Repairs Common/Minor Repairs Intermediate Repair Major Repairs MRK Kit Orientation Spares Bush Repair and Innovation Concept Description MRK Greater Uses Situational Adaptation and Practice

3. Mobile Repair Kit

3.1. business

3.1.1. list of different products curriculum general tools auto specific spares package field essentials

3.1.2. money start up cost to produce markup/profit long term revenue renting program?

3.2. education


3.3. packaging and assembly

3.3.1. traction board integration

3.3.2. content volume abuse of containers durability storage

3.3.3. mounting apparatus design/prototype specifications dimensions, durability, etc. cost to build local inexpensive

3.4. Contents

3.4.1. tools high quality local resource Current Running List Jack Tire irons Tire repair kit General tools (easy access) Super glue Rescue/Repair Tape Steel tie wire 1.4 mm Gas Soldering Iron Metal Repair? Tape Gloves Hose Clamps Zip ties Rags Inox MX3 WD-40 Ratchet Straps Electrical Tools Emery Cloth Various Files Wire Brush Flash Dry Brake Cleaner Carb Cleaner Part Cleaner

3.4.2. spares high quality local resource Current Running List Bag of random Nuts and Bolts Filters Wheel Bearing kit 5 Lug Nuts & Studs Belts Hoses/Pipes Fluids Aerosol Electronic Spares Hose Clamps Length of Fuel Hose Spare Nylon hose

3.4.3. safari drive essentials drive logistics taking an easier route driving skills slowing down on rough terrain what to do when you're getting stuck

3.4.4. tablets/technology Your tablet holds all field repair information can connect to SolarSPELL for class

3.4.5. offline information SolarSPELL library manuals quick bush repairs diagnose problem tool selection spare usage

4. Documentation

4.1. inventory

4.1.1. offline logging system

4.2. people

4.2.1. general driver info profile (contact)

4.2.2. previous parts bought

4.2.3. previous repairs done

4.2.4. vehicle specs (profile for car)

5. Facility

5.1. Design

5.1.1. Carwash design water recycle system soap and other cleaning materials how to keep stocked where these will come from

5.1.2. classroom where materials will come from design / flow number of students tools / demonstrations (floor jack) dynamics how long are classes and scheduling curriculum

5.1.3. Dorms Cultural concerns student dorms teacher dorms food situation dining kitchen bathrooms cost to build for rent where materials are coming from

5.1.4. shop drain storage work spaces 4 tools where they are coming from upkeep and stocked accountability and tracking

5.2. Operation

5.2.1. Scheduling

5.2.2. opening shop

5.2.3. closing shop