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ePortfolios by Mind Map: ePortfolios
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open source ePortfolio software

Open Source Portfolio - Sakai Project

General information found online. Shows examples

eFolio - Minnesota

Chalk & Wire


This has some excellent models/samples of ePortfolios



Abram 2005 - Directions for Research and Development on Electronic Portfolios

Information from Athabasca University on ePortfolios

This is information from the U of Athabsca. Their graduate students use ePortfolios. I took one course in the fall and so had access to this explanation, but was not required to do this as part of that course.

Helen Barrett article annotated

Consideration factors and adoption of type, tabulation and framework for creating e-portfolios

Clark 2009 - eportfolios at 2.0: surveying the field

Zhang 2007 - Designing ePortfolio 2.0

Cambridge 2008 - The Impact of the Open Source Portfolio on Learning and Assessment

Peet 2011 - Fostering Integrative Knowledge through ePortfolios

Mentkowski 2011 - Conceptualizing and Assessing Integrative and Applied Learning-In-Use


State Learning Outcomes


Give Overview on articles

Break into groups

presentation ideas

demo examples of EPs

split up presentation between us

group activities

take away tools

visual presentation


5 Processes of the Portfolio

Drawn from Barrett 2011, but apparently part of the traditional literature Also, components for evaluations  

eportofolios as a cognitive tool

Challenges of eportfolios

examples of eprotfolios

eportfolios and evaluation

Illustrative Articles

eFolio Minnesota

Cambridge 2007 eFolio Minnesota and lifelong and lifewide learning with ePortfolios

Leading questions

Compare treaditional portfolios to EP in relation to the learning

Is the qualitative vs quantitative paradigm appropriate to fully understand the impact of EP? Abrami and Barrett, 2005

What are the challenges of EP's with respect to assessment?

Are e Portfolios valuable forms of assessment?

eFolio Minnesota