Compensation App Mapping

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1. Admin Panel

1.1. User Details

1.1.1. Name

1.1.2. Mobile Number

1.1.3. Email address

1.1.4. Bank Details Account Number IFSC Bank Name Bank Branch Name

1.1.5. Address

1.1.6. Entries of this particular user

1.1.7. Documents Pancard Boat Licence Aadhar Card

1.1.8. Password change button

1.2. Entries

1.2.1. ID

1.2.2. User

1.2.3. marine type

1.2.4. Images / Videos

1.2.5. process step

1.2.6. location (Map link)

1.2.7. date and time

1.3. Marine species identification guide

1.3.1. Need Information on this

2. Mobile App

2.1. Language Select

2.1.1. Login Mobile Number & Password Google Facebook

2.1.2. SIgnUp Step 1 (General Information) Name Email ID Mobile Number Password Step 2 (Documents Upload) Pancard Aadhar Card Boat Licence Step 3(Bank Details) Name(Prefilled) Account Number IFSC Bank Name Bank Branch Name

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