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Power by Mind Map: Power

1. Robin Lakoff

1.1. politeness theory

1.1.1. don't impose

1.1.2. give options

1.1.3. make your receiver feel good

2. Norman Fairclough

2.1. treating a mass audience as an individual

2.2. use of second person pronoun direct address, 'you'

2.3. synthetic personalisation

3. Louis Althusser

3.1. create an ideological view

3.1.1. hard for readers to adopt an alternative view

3.2. texts have the power to position the reader into an ideological view

3.3. difficult for target audience to resist the code of the text

3.3.1. eg. "you can't live without this" persuades to buy

4. Brown & Levinson

4.1. face

4.1.1. the public self-image everyone tries to protect

4.1.2. positive face feel valued/appreciated

4.1.3. negative face not to be imposed on/apologetic

4.1.4. a face threatening is a communicative act that threatens someones positive/negative act

5. Waring

5.1. classified power as political, personal or social

5.2. influential power

5.2.1. used to influence/pursuade

5.3. instrumental power

5.3.1. makes something happen

6. Drew & Heritage

6.1. specialist lexis

6.2. asymmetry

6.3. goal orientation

7. Giles

7.1. accommodation theory

7.1.1. convergence done when we like someone changing speech to sound more like someone

7.1.2. divergence changing speech to sound less like someone done when we dont like someone

8. Grice's Maxims

8.1. quality

8.1.1. say the truth

8.2. quantity

8.2.1. say enough

8.3. relevance

8.3.1. be relevant

8.4. manner

8.4.1. avoid ambiguity