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Me (Jaysun) by Mind Map: Me (Jaysun)

1. My final major life value is scientific understanding. I definitely agree with this one because I always succeed in whatever I'm doing if I understand the science behind it. I agree that it is important to use scientific principles to understand and solve problems.

2. According to the life values inventory my 3 main values are achievement, responsibility, and scientific understanding.

3. My third main group is organizer thinker. This group is a mix of people who like working with detail, business, data or information and those who are good at problem-solving, researching and analyzing information. An occupation in this group is a computer engineer. All in all, the occupation in these groups are all relative to the field to which I would like to persue.

4. My second main group is doer thinker. This group is a mix of people that learning about the world around them, solving challenging problems and those who like working with tools, being outdoors and playing sports and other physical activites. I enjoy being outdoors and learning about the things around me so I believe that this group is suitable for me. An occupation in this group is aircraft electrical technician.

5. My first main group is thinker organizer. This group is a mix of people that like science, math, knowledge and ideas, and people that work with detail, and data and information. This group is suitable for me because I enjoy doing all of these things. An occupation in this group is computer programmer

6. According to the who am I? questionnaire my 3 main groups are thinker organizer, doer thinker, and organizer thinker.

7. Life Values Questionaire

8. Who Am I? Questionnaire

9. With a score of 87 I can say that I am a a good student that has good study skills. The score could be much higher but I''m not perfect and I still have many things to improve on such as not getting distracted and not procrastinating. In conclusion, I am satisfied with my results .

10. My study skills-assesment gave me a result of 87 out of 100 .

11. Study Skills-Assesment

12. I indeed agree with these results because what problem I face in life I always make observations before making any conclusions. I also always like to work numbers are scientific facts which is why I am good at math and science. I

13. My main two intelligences are logical and existential. Logical intelligence is my main intelligence. This means I make conclusions based on observations, I look for patterns in life and I like to work with numbers and scientific data. I 2nd intelligence is existential. This means that I make emotive connections to my own experiences and believe to make sense of new learning.

14. Multiple Intelligences

15. These skills are important for me because I want to persue computer studies in post secondary. Advanced levels of math is required for this field and I believe I have the strengths to get into this field.

16. I believe that I have many crucial skills and strengths, for example, I am really good at understanding concepts and applying them to solve problems. This means I am good at math and science. I am good at collaborating with others so I am good at group projects. I am also good at swimming.

17. Skills/Strengths

18. VAK Learning Styles

19. I have a big interest in computers and I want to study computers in post secondary. I was always fascinated by all the different components of a computer since a young age. I would love to further carry out this interest into a career by becoming a computer engineer or a computer programmer.

20. I have many hobbies/interests that really that makes me who I am. I really enjoy playing sports with my friends. I also like playing video games with my friends online.

21. Interests/Hobbies

22. I agree with the results because I tend to stand up while I'm working a lot during class and work. I also talke frequent study breaks. I always prefer hands on learning as I feel that it helps me gather a better understanding .

23. According to the VAK Questionnaire I am a "kinnesthetic" learner. This means I prefer learning by carrying out physical activities, rather than listening to a lecture or watching demonstrations.

24. Achievement is one of my main life values. I believe this because I agree that it is important to challenge myself and work hard to improve.

25. Responsibility in another major life value for me. I know that I am a responsible person because I always do my work on time and I always try the most of my efforts to meet people's expectation and standards. I agree that it is important to be dependable and trustworthy.