Cultural integration: A challenge inside the classroom

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Cultural integration: A challenge inside the classroom by Mind Map: Cultural integration: A challenge inside the classroom

1. In 2012, Juan got a job.

1.1. As a coordinator at vocational techinical school.

1.1.1. There were some problems: Matriculation rate Academic results.

2. Circuntances

2.1. First

2.1.1. Monthly assembly In May Peruvian were offended

2.2. Second

2.2.1. Chilean students ignored Peruvian students. Because They were cellebrating the Peru's soccer match victory.

2.3. Third

2.3.1. Some Chilean companies Did not allow interships to the Peruvian students Because

2.4. Fourth

2.4.1. Discrimination inside of the classroom Disagreement between Peruvian students Chilean students

3. Juan's reflexions

3.1. A story of a Chilean girl

3.1.1. When her father decided to take her out of the school Because She was dating with a Peruvian boy

3.2. Principal office experience

3.2.1. She mentioned to juan The good results of the school is thanks to the Peruvian students

4. Opportunities for changing

4.1. Surprise made by Chilean students to Peruvian students

4.1.1. In July assembly They played the Peruvian natinal anthem

4.2. The next challenge

4.2.1. Chilean and Peruvian integration For the school community

4.3. A new calendar

4.3.1. Juan suggested Expo Perú

4.4. Peruvian families reaction

4.4.1. Two reactions They will be very grateful and feel very willing to collaborate with the activity Better atmosphere between them Peruvians might think that it is an act of disrespect towards their own culture