Flinders Uni Bridgestone World Solar Challenge

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Flinders Uni Bridgestone World Solar Challenge by Mind Map: Flinders Uni Bridgestone World Solar Challenge

1. 2. Analyzing phase

1.1. Project brainstorm

1.2. Project researching

1.2.1. Contacting IT, Civil engineers, Electrical engineers, Software engineers, Mechanical and biomedical engineers.

1.2.2. Going through history of Flinders Uni with solar powered autonomous vehicles

2. 3. Project Development

2.1. IT- focus on cyber security to prevent hacking of such cars

2.2. Mechanical- building prototypes of solar car

2.3. Civil - involving project to a wider audience. i.e. solar transport systems, gaining ideas through already-developed, similar projects currently available.

2.4. Biomed - how can the vehicle improve the everyday lives to the wider audience. increases attractivity of the project.

2.5. robotics and electronic engineers - autonomous controls of vehicles.

3. 1. Preliminary works

3.1. Creating WBS

3.2. Developing Gantt Chart

3.3. Contracts

3.4. POA development

4. 4. Project Implementation

4.1. Enterprise for project

4.1.1. Budgeting

4.1.2. Marketing

4.2. Education factor of project

4.2.1. Process reports

4.2.2. Solution reports