What is Health Promotion?

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What is Health Promotion? by Mind Map: What is Health Promotion?

1. Person-centred

1.1. Driven by individual

1.2. Values uniqueness of each persons experience

1.3. Recognizes community impact on individual experience

2. Holistic

2.1. Psychological

2.2. Social

2.3. Spiritual

2.4. Physical

2.5. Self-care

2.5.1. Equal access to care and education to be able to participate in self-care

3. Intersectionality

3.1. Accounts for health inequalities and disparities in access to/quality of health care related to social location

3.2. Empowers individuals within community

3.2.1. Works to minimize the power dynamics within commmunities

4. Community

4.1. Capacity building

4.2. Harness community strengths when designing health promotion programs

4.3. Membership in a community can be protective or further risk for individuals

5. Proactive

5.1. Education and resources

5.1.1. Accessible to all

5.1.2. Culturally appropriate

5.1.3. Engaging

5.2. Preventative

6. Values

6.1. Self-determination

6.2. Autonomy

6.3. Protection of life

6.4. Quality of life

6.4.1. Psychosocial support

6.4.2. Access to housing

6.5. Respect

6.6. Equality

6.6.1. In access to health care

6.7. Diversity

6.8. Focus on strengths