The Training of New Employees

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The Training of New Employees by Mind Map: The Training of New Employees

1. 2nd Phase of Training

1.1. * Provide a learning assessment for the new hire to assess on what type of learning style they are successful.

1.2. * Begin with showing the new hire the basic day to day job duties that will be more routine based, then have them perform them with supervision for a few days.

1.3. * After a few days of doing the important basic job duties have them go off on their own to but stay close by to make sure they are comfortable with what they are doing.

1.4. * As the new hire becomes more comfortable and independent in the basic job duties start implementing the other things, and do it the same way you trained them for the basic duties.

2. 1st Phase of Training

2.1. * Always provide both positive and constructive reinforcement, whether the new hire wants it or no.

2.2. * Have activities and training during work hours available with other current new hire, that way they can start to build relationships socially.

2.3. * Constant emails, and communication about the different perks the company offers and how to get involved outside of just the BAU work environment.

3. 3rd Phase of Training

3.1. * Provide a post training assessment with space at the end for feedback from the new hire, that way you can know where they stand and if the type of training was good for their learning style.

3.2. * Start putting more duties on their to do list to see if they can handle it, this will show them that you are starting to trust and feel comfort with them in the job. I like at that as positive reinforcement.

3.3. * Be in constant communication with the new hire whether they ask you a question or not, they are still new and are just getting a hang of the ropes in this new job.

4. How to energize and excite the new hires.

5. How we will Train the new hires

6. Assess the training that was performed.