Implementation of new technology

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Implementation of new technology by Mind Map: Implementation of new technology

1. Technology Director role

1.1. Purchase & roll out of new technology to each school

1.1.1. Morris Schott will receive a Promethean Panel in each classroom

1.1.2. Mattawa Elementary will receive Promethean panels in SPED/Migrant classrooms and 4 Chromebook carts

1.1.3. Saddle Mountain Elementary, Wahluke Junior High, Wahluke High School will each receive 500 Chromebooks

1.2. Point person between the district and Clever for Single-Sign on program

1.3. Organize and ensure that all technology is working properly and fixed if needed

2. Teaching & Learning Director/Curriculum Coordinator role

2.1. Provide contact and training for new curriculum (trainings happen once a month with additional optional trainings offered in the morning

2.2. The creation of a new website with resources on how to use digital curriculum

2.3. Point person between the curriculum and the district

3. Technology Integrationist Role

3.1. Provide Professional Development opportunities to help with successful integration of new technology

3.2. Provide building support by visits to each building once a week to assist with any problems that come up that week

3.3. Work with each department to gain access to all digital curriculums and come up with best way to display various resources that might be beneficial to them

4. Reasons for New Technology

4.1. Ended ConnectEd grant can't afford to continue with iPads

4.2. 97% Hispanic & 2/3 population in ELL: Technology helpful to offer differentiation and ensure all students are successful

4.3. Ensure that all students will graduate with the 21st century skills needed to success in college and career

4.4. Changing over to Chromebooks also comes with keyboard so students will be trained on how to properly type