TOPIC 3 : Computer Programs and Programming Language   

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TOPIC 3 : Computer Programs and Programming Language    by Mind Map: TOPIC 3 : Computer Programs and Programming Language   

1. Programming language paradigm

1.1. Common pogramming paradigms

1.1.1. inperative paradigm

1.1.2. object-oriented paradigm

1.1.3. The functional paradigm

1.1.4. The logic paradigm

2. computer program and programming language

2.1. software + hardware = computer

2.2. Elements of Computer program

2.2.1. input Whatever data that is inserted into a computer using input devices E.g. Mouse, keyboard

2.2.2. processing Convert input data into information. E.g. CPU

2.2.3. storage Store the data or information for future use (permanently or temporarily) E.g. Hard disk, memory

2.2.4. output Generate the useful information using output devices E.g. Monitor, printer

2.3. Programming language

2.3.1. machine readability

2.3.2. computations

2.3.3. human readability

2.4. level of programming language

2.4.1. machine language

2.4.2. low level language (assembly language)

2.4.3. high level language

3. Programming Application Domains

3.1. Scientific Application

3.2. Bussiness application

3.3. Artificial Intelligence

3.3.1. Artificial Intelligence Languages

3.4. Systems Programming

3.5. Web Software