Freelance Stylist

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Freelance Stylist by Mind Map: Freelance Stylist

1. Education

1.1. Make connections with professors and students

1.2. Finish school and graduate with a Bschelor's and a minor in styling

1.3. Learn everything I can about the industry

2. Career

2.1. Continue to work retail jobs to make money while still being in something fashion related

2.2. Shadow stylists I look up to

2.3. Make as many industry connections possible

2.4. Find more internships related to styling

3. Personal

3.1. Style others and promote it on instagram

3.2. Make connections through friends

3.3. Practice styling friends to build my portfolio

3.4. Continue to use my Instagram as a platform for my personal style

3.5. Continue to do freelance makeup and try to connect the two

3.6. Work with friends who are photographers and models to build my portfolio