World Arch. week 9 - Dispersal

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World Arch. week 9 - Dispersal by Mind Map: World Arch. week 9 - Dispersal

1. matt looks at

1.1. microfossils

1.2. pollen

1.3. devolopment of homo sapiens

1.3.1. change in technology lithic organic

1.3.2. from stone age to more versitale tools

1.4. palaeoenviromental reconstruction

1.4.1. coastal archaeology red sea

1.4.2. what climate was like when people moved out of africa

1.5. dispersals of homo sapiens

2. family tree

2.1. erectus made it out of africa first

2.1.1. 2.1 million years ago in china Erectus end up on islands Cyprus Crete Luzon Flores Sulawesi

2.2. Heidelbergensis got out next

2.2.1. Neanderthal and denisovans never lived in africa

2.2.2. Dispersed approx. 1/2 mill years ago evolved into neanderthal and denisovan denisovans most people have neanderthal dna neanderthals

2.3. Sapiens late

2.3.1. some people believe in the post-toba volcanic eruption / escape? unlikely to be so simple that sapiens just went along the coast

2.3.2. there is missing information all evidence suggests they went thru the arabian peninsula complicated story

2.3.3. 300kya / look like us / in africa why take so long to leave africa? matt thinks climate has a bit to do with the dispersal australia 60/40k years ago mungo is 40k years old at least

2.4. homo naledi exist

3. climate and sea level

3.1. low sea level = easy to get out of africa in one way

3.1.1. but might be very dry / hard to disperse too dry, hot and no animals

3.2. fertile moden coasts

4. technology

4.1. levallois 500-25kya

4.2. acheulean 2.1-0.1 mya

5. Arabian peninsula

5.1. very few dates and this causes issues

5.2. surface sites are very tricky to date

6. dating dispersals

6.1. few sites

6.1.1. hard to interpret

6.2. technically v challenging

6.3. speculative